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Your Wedding is Your Event - Have the Wedding You Want.

Matt Kramer helps people create memorable events. As a minister of the Universal Life Church, he works with couples to help them create the kind of wedding they want. In his 25 year career in the music industry, he provided a similar service for musicians and audiences, setting a mood for thousands of successful performances. In 1971, he joined the Universal Life Church, a ministry that respects the universal nature of spirituality in all of its forms. He performed his first wedding service on the stage of the Troubadour, one of the most famous nightclubs in the history of Los Angeles.

In 1993, Matt discovered the profession of mediation where he realized that its use of collaborative negotiation was very similar to his innate style of working with people. Entranced with the process, he immersed himself in the field of conflict resolution.

After working as a divorce mediator and studying why those marriages failed, he wrote "Conversations Before a Marriage", an easy read that has helped many people explore their relationships more deeply and develop skills and agreements to help them handle the unexpected challenges that arise in every marriage. The process begins with a list of questions which, if discussed prior to marriage, reveals issues that have the potential to damage the relationship. "Conversations Before a Marriage" helps people discuss difficult issues and provides tools for successfully handling the conflicts that arise in every relationship.

Matt Kramer event officiant Preparing for a wedding can be a stressful process which often surfaces a family's most challenging issues. In preparing for a wedding, Matt's first priority is to support the couple's desire to create the kind of wedding event that they want. Usually this only involves creating and delivering the service the couple want to hear. When family and personal issues threaten the harmony of the event, Matt will provide coaching and mediation services which serve to greatly calm the stress and tension that accompanies many wedding ceremonies.

Matt Kramer event officiant

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